Bitcoin Evolution: Is it a scam or legitimate?
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Bitcoin Evolution

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam or is it legitimate? Find out what’s important for secure account creation and a valid test. We also present all relavant functions and show what you can expect from the crypto trading system.

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is an advanced trading software application that is designed to trade Bitcoin and also various other cryptocurrencies using intelligent algorithms to generate high returns for you. This computer-aided trading software program is understood to be one of the fastest, most accurate and also most trusted trading applications for Bitcoin. The systems used to trade Bitcoin are intuitive and also reduce transaction time. Anything that would certainly take a few minutes to do it by hand will do the trading program within milliseconds.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Real or a Fake?

Bitcoin Evolution Safe

There are always scam reports that go back to copycats of the software. Users are deliberately redirected to fake sites and forced to deposit with providers with fraudulent software. Please do not fall for it, register exclusively via the official and certified website of Bitcoin Evolution.

Bitcoin Evolution is a real trading platform that is associated with certified brokers. As with any investment, there is a risk that you may lose part of your investment. The more unstable the cryptocurrency market, the greater the risk, but that also means a higher chance of big profits. Of course, these risks can be clearly reduced if handled appropriately. Systems like Bitcoin Evolution were created to provide added value in relation to such problems.

We would definitely recommend that you try the risk-free trial account and the minimum start-up investment of €250 before investing large amounts of money. This allows you to form an opinion with very low risk and test the system yourself.

Official and certified. We only link to the original provider page.

How to implement your first trade with Bitcoin Evolution

Here’s a step-by-step overview of opening an account:



The first step is to create a free account using theform on the official website. After successful registration, you will be assigned a personal broker to guide you through the setup process. Bitcoin Evolution has taken all necessary steps to guarantee the security of individual information, including the encryption of website files, information security and compliance with GDPR.



All you need for the start is a first deposit of 250€ and you can start trading. Once again, we recommend a minimal financial investment for your first attempt so that you can test for yourself whether the program suits you. By the way, the 250€ are used completely for trading and are not subject to any costs or fees. The accepted withdrawal methods are Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express and bank transfer.



There is a test account that will be used for as long as necessary. If you select the option of the demo account, you always have the option to make a short test run on the system to test its functionalities. The software grants you a credit of 1,500 €. You can also go directly to the live account at any time and make real profits.

Can you generate income with Bitcoin Evolution?

There are many reports of successes. Many investors report great results after trading, even those who have never traded before were able to generate revenue quickly and easily, especially through the automated trading system. Although there are always residual risks in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is not really something new these days and there is enough stability and experience with possible fluctuations to make the most of them.

Official and certified. We only link to the original provider page.

A few valuable tips for new investors

Bitcoin Evolution Experience

To reduce the risk of losing money, here are a few ideas to consider:

Start small – the first deposit is at least 250€. This amount is sufficient for any type of investor to try out the platform and check its functions and reliability. This allows you to judge for yourself how much your profits are and how much you want to invest in the following trades. After all, you can still climb.

Reinvest – you earn even more money if you reinvest after the very first payout. We recommend reinvesting some of the initial profits. Again, try out and continue to exploit your chances of winning – but gradually.

Learn from the specialists – check out reviews or overviews like this here to broaden your understanding of the system. Cryptocurrencies can become complicated and sometimes a standard understanding is not sufficient. A cautious investment is much better than a recklessly hasty one.

Testing Functions – All registered users are unlocked for all functions of the automated trading software application. The software is correspondingly popular with professionals and funds, who nowadays increasingly invest professionally in cryptocurrencies. Simply test the features yourself, step-by-step and completely at rest. Almost all are easily explained and are automatically applied with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution’s trading software is considered one of the most powerful programs currently available. The functions are versatile and yet so easy to understand that everything is clear. The operation is really a breeze. For illustrative purposes, we have provided a screenshot directly from the functional level of the program:

Bitcoin Evolution Screenshot
Screenshot Bitcoin Evolution

Perhaps interesting to mention at this point: the program is available in various international languages – you simply select the desired language via the controller at the top right. Of course, in addition to English, German, French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish, many other languages are also offered. This includes all languages of Eastern Europe, all Scandinavian languages and Portuguese in the variant for Portugal and Brazil.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Brokers: Once registered you have the opportunity to choose from a list of brokers that will assist you in trading. These so-called brokers are always certified and often also regionally represented.
  • Auto Trading Function: Bitcoin Evolution has an algorithm that allows automatic trading and can perform transactions on its own. This enables prospective investors to set certain limits to determine the volume of trading on the system. Given the unstable nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is advisable that investors select trading setups based on the existing market that the system suggests quite simply.
  • Easy to use: Opening an account really only takes a few minutes and is uncomplicated. Only the first deposit of 250€ is required for trading.
  • Confirmation procedure: It is mandatory for each potential investor to go through the verification process in order to complete a successful registration. However, the procedure is simple as long as the correct e-mail address and phone number are provided.
  • Withdrawals and deposits: After a withdrawal is started, the system processes the request. The amount due to the lender will be paid out within 1 day of processing the request. This is an advantage for all investors who need the money quickly.
  • Withdrawal Methods: There are a variety of withdrawal options that are offered. Common credit card and bank transfer are always included.
  • Prices and Fees: It is reported that there are no unpaid costs or fees in the account before or after withdrawal. Providers earn only a small margin on the profit made.
  • Customer Care: There is 24-hour customer support, which is offered to all investors. Communication with support can be done via email, phone or live chat.

Official and certified. We only link to the original provider page.

Benefits of trading bitcoin evolution

As we have noted, there are some special features of Bitcoin Evolution. Several other crypto trading applications lack some essential features such as secure payment options or a trial account.

These are 6 benefits of Bitcoin Evolution:

  1. Easy setup: the interface and also the good user management make setting up an account an easy procedure.
  2. Notable success rate: it is reported that investors can achieve a success rate of up to 88%, depending on the market situation.
  3. Test account: The demo account can be used for test trading before using real money. This allows investors to test exactly how the system works. There is also no limit to the duration of the demo account.
  4. Easy to use: It is a complex software program, but its sophisticated user guidance and high-performance algorithm performs all functions smoothly and facilitates use, so you don’t really need prior knowledge of trading.
  5. Mobile-ready: There is a mobile version, so the program runs flawlessly on any smartphone.
  6. Professional forex trading: Not only can you trade cryptocurrencies, you can also trade forex pairs.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Legitimate or a Scam? Our verdict

Poleasy Team

We can confirm that Bitcoin Evolution is legitimate and fully licensed and is also one of the best auto trading robots out there. However, this always requires that you protect yourself from fraudulent imitators and register for the programexclusively via the official website. Bitcoin Evolution is designed to help ordinary investors generate income from the crypto market without having to bring special trading skills as a prerequisite. We have evaluated all the features of Bitcoin Evolution and are convinced.

Our tip: just test yourself!

The platform is easy to use, investors can claim and withdraw their earnings within 24 hours. Likewise, the crypto trading system is secure, so there is no chance that individual information will end up being compromised. Especially convinced the low entry threshold of 250€ Startinvest – so really everyone without risk can simply test the program and form an opinion for themselves.

Official and certified. We only link to the original provider page.

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